Get A High-Quality Gutter System For Your Home

Here in eastern New York, we’re no strangers to various types of weather. From snow and rain to heat and humidity, we see it all in our Schenectady community. This is why it’s absolutely essential to have a properly functioning gutter system — they protect the foundations of our homes from any water or structural damage.

If you’re looking for gutter experts you can trust with your home or commercial building’s gutter system, look no further than Cousins Restoration. We offer all sorts of exterior restoration services, including gutter repairs, replacements, maintenance and more.

With several years of building trust in the community and providing high-quality work, you can trust us to handle your property’s gutter system with care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Types Of Gutter Services We Offer

Are your current gutters sagging, leaking or completely broken? Do you think your gutter system is in dire need of an upgrade? You’re in luck, as we can attend to any of your gutter needs here at Cousins Restoration.

If you have any questions about how we can help you with your gutter system, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 518-217-6771 today.

Gutter Basics

Why is your gutter system such an important aspect of your home? Well, it’s your first line of defense against water and structural damage to your property.

We’ll ensure all water runoff from your roof leads directly into a properly installed and working gutter system. This will protect your home or office from any foundation cracks or damages and will allow for the correct drainage of stormwater.

Not sure if your gutters are installed correctly or not? Here are some signs they might not be:

  • Foundation damages to your home or office
  • Interior flooding
  • Exterior damages to your property
  • Basement flooding

Seamless Gutter Advantages

Thinking about updating your current gutter system to a seamless gutter system? Well, there are many advantages of making this switch to these K-style gutters that are usually made out of a vinyl, aluminum or copper material.

We’ve listed three of those many advantages below:

  • Aesthetic appeal: Seamless gutters come in various material types so you can find a system that beautiful on your property. On top of that, unsightly bolts and seams are eliminated from a seamless gutter system since they are created using one piece of tubing.
  • Low-maintenance: Thanks to the lack of joints in a seamless gutter system, you can reduce the likeliness of damage and maintenance necessary to keep your gutters working as they should.
  • Less leakage: There are no joints in a seamless gutter system like there are in a traditional gutter system, meaning your gutters won’t have the ability to leak as easily as they once did.

As always, you can ask our gutter experts for a more thorough explanation of whether or not you should invest in seamless gutters.

Schedule A Gutter Service With Our Team

Ready to hire a trusted exterior restoration team for your next gutter service? With several years of industry experience, our team at Cousins Restoration will ensure your home is well-protected from any uncontrollable exterior conditions with a top-notch gutter system. On top of our gutter services, we also offer residential roofing and commercial roofing services as well as other exterior-related services.

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