Your roof’s primary purpose is to be functional, stable and durable, but at Cousins Restoration, we strongly believe that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice beauty. Our crews have experience with residential, commercial and green roofing solutions, and we can connect you with a roof that matches the exterior style of your home while staying within your preferred budget.

Unfortunately, your roof won’t last you forever, and you’re bound to face a few problems with it in your time as a homeowner or commercial property owner. Our goal is to help you get through these roofing issues in an effective, easy and efficient matter.

There are many benefits you’ll notice when you take the time to either invest in your current roof or invest in an entirely new roof. For example, today’s roofs are a lot more energy efficient than they once were, meaning you’ll save on your monthly energy bills. On top of that, a new and updated roof is significantly more aesthetically pleasing than an old, outdated roof.

Anytime you believe you’re having issues with your rooftop, feel free to reach out to our team at Cousins Restoration for assistance. Simply give us a call, and we can send an expert out to your property to provide you with a quick, thorough estimate for whatever roofing service is best for you.


Our roofing crews have years of experience in the industry, and we’ll ensure your roof is always in mint condition and will last you for years to come. When you schedule a residential or commercial roofing service with us, you can expect our process to follow the order listed below.

CALL: When you call Cousins Restoration, our professional staff will help you book an appointment for whatever roofing service you’re looking for.

CONSULT: We’ll send a roofing expert to assess your property and inspect your roof. From there, we can talk about roofing materials, styles, colors, warranties and other topics that are relevant for you to know before you commit to a specific roofing service.

PROPOSE: Our roofing experts will come up with a roofing solution and provide you with a quick, thorough estimate for your project. This is when you can ask any additional questions or have us address any of your concerns before committing to our roofing company.

APPROVE: After you approve our proposal, we’ll work with you to find a slot in your schedule that works best for us to tackle your roof repair, replacement, installation, etc. We’ll also handle getting any permits or other necessary documents during this stage.

BUILD: We’ll start your roofing project! We’re known in the local community for being transparent and communicative throughout the duration of your roofing service, and our jobs aren’t done until you’re 100 percent satisfied with your roof.

DONE: After we’re done with your roofing project, we’ll ensure your property looks just as good, if not better, than when we arrived. Remember, if you have any questions about your roof even after your project is completed, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Again, if you have any questions about how we’ll handle your roofing service when you opt to work with us, feel free to reach out to our team. We’re more than happy to help you ease any of your concerns.


Are you ready to find out why homeowners and business owners in Schenectady consistently choose our crews for their residential and commercial roofing services? Reach out to Cousins Restoration today to schedule a roofing service.

We’ll send trustworthy, knowledgeable roofing experts to inspect your property and help you determine what roofing service is best for your situation — all while maintaining our unrivaled, exceptional customer service.