Examples of Mule-Hide Coating Products

A-151 EPDM Resurface Agent

If you have tough adhesion of EPDM on your roof, this product can help prepare surfaces of new or weathered EPDM for A-300 FINISH. It dries quickly, is easy to use and is VOC compliant, meaning it doesn’t contain any solvents.


Exclusive to the Mule-Hide name, this product turns A-300 FINISH into A-200 FLASHING GRADE in less than one minute — allowing our crews to speed up the process of your commercial roofing project.

Seal-Fast Fabric Tape

If you have a metal roof that needs seam reinforcement, this product is one of the best on the market. It’s made out of synthetic rubbers and provides a quick, watertight seal. It can also be installed in a wide range of temperatures, making it easy for our crews to apply year-round.


Used for quickly and effectively sealing fasteners on metal roof panels, this polymer modified asphalt disc is a high-quality coating tool from the Mule-Hide brand.


Mule-Hide offers this coating product that is known nationwide for being one of the strongest materials on the market used for reinforcement in cold process roofing. It delivers great elongation for thermal stress force accommodations — in other words, it’s absurdly strong.

Benefits of Mule-Hide Coating

We don’t just use Mule-Hide coating products for no reason at all — we truly believe these are the best products we can install on your commercial property in Schenectady. Some benefits of these Mule-Hide roofing products include the following:

  • Products from a trusted brand in the roofing industry
  • Flexibility in hot and cold temperatures, preventing cracks and blistering
  • Variety of applicators and sizes
  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient options
  • Easy repairs by simply cleaning and applying new product to any damaged areas
  • Fast and easy application that causes minimal disruptions for your building
  • Extended overall lifecycle of your roof

There are four main types of mule-hide coatings: acrylic, silicone, SEBS and asphalt and cement. To learn more about which is best for your commercial roof, ask one of our experienced and knowledgeable professionals at Cousins Restoration any of your lingering questions.

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