Top Benefits Of An EPDM Roofing System


At Cousins Restoration, we never use roofing products for our customers that we wouldn’t use on our own roofs. Mule-Hide EPDM commercial roofing materials offer a wide-range of benefits. Here are some of the ones that provide the most value and make Mule-Hide the top of the class.

Long Lifespan

When you invest in a new commercial roof, you want to make sure it withstands the test of time. Mule-Hide products are built to last. They have excellent resistance to ozone and UV and will stand up to the elements over the years.

Maintains Flexibility

New York is no stranger to great varieties in temperature. From blistery cold winter days to blazing hot summers, Mule-Hide EPDM membranes will remain flexible in extreme weather. You can trust it will not crack or split.

Industry-Leading Strength

EPDM roofing materials are known for being lightweight, yet possess an extremely high tensile strength. Our EPDM single-ply membrane works well for new construction or retrofit systems, and it won’t add excessive weight to the roof deck.

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