Common Roofing Problems That Require Repairs/Replacement

As soon as you start to notice you’re having issues with your roof, take action immediately. You don’t want to get stuck with unexpected, costly roof repairs — or even worse, a full-on replacement.

However, we understand that as a homeowner or commercial property owner, it can be hard to know when your roof is giving you issues or not. That’s why, on this page, you can find the signs of common roofing problems we often see in the industry.

If you do end up needing roof repairs or a roof replacement, our team at Cousins Restoration is the team for the job. We can provide you with high-quality roofing services and top-notch customer service, and with years of experience in the exterior restoration industry, we’ll ensure to get your project completed correctly and on time. Need to get your roof inspected for any issues? Give us a call today.

Learn more below about common roofing problems and how to identify if you are experiencing these problems with your rooftop.

Significant Structural Damage

Major storms — something we’re familiar with living in eastern New York — can cause major structural damage to your roof. Whether it’s as minor a small hole in your roof or as large as a tree falling on your roof, we can help you identify and address significant structural damage to your roof.


Depending on the severity of your structural roof damage, our crews will determine if repairs will sufficiently get your roof back to normal. If not, we might suggest a full replacement to ensure you keep your property well-protected.

Blow-Off Damage

If the wind gets strong enough, your roof can experience blow-off damage, which is essentially when the roofing materials on your home are completely blown off of your rooftop. This damage can be seen either in one section on your roof or on an entire exposed side of your roof.

On top of your shingles, your roof’s felt and sheathing can also experience blow-off damage.


Fortunately, blow-off damage is easy to identify and usually only requires a roof repair service. We can help you install new shingles or other roofing materials in the spaces that were affected.

Cracked, Curled or Missing Shingles

If the shingles on your roof are dry or can break when light pressure is applied to them, they’ve probably reached the end of their lifespan.


Our roofing crews can easily replace single shingles or smaller areas of shingles that are damaged or missing. Unfortunately, if too many shingles are damaged or missing, we might suggest a roof replacement for your situation.

Roof Leaks

Unless there are any obvious signs of punctures or holes in your roof, it can be hard to detect exactly where your roof’s leak or leaks are coming from. Water can seep through any entry point, whether that entry point is through damaged flashing or broken shingles. From there, it can flow to other interior areas of your home, resulting in water damage.


Leave leak detection to the professionals. We can inspect your roof, chimney and vent areas for signs of damage, and from there, provide you with more information about necessary repairs.

Damaged Skylights

Skylight damages can be frustrating and messy. You can experience cracks and full-on punctures from the impact of hail and other windblown objects through your home’s skylights.


We have skylight installation and replacement services so you can get new skylights from the trusted VELUX brand for your home. Our crews will assess the extent of your damage and help you decide if a glass panel replacement or full unit installation is more cost-effective.