Think of the siding of your home as being equivalent to the skin on our bodies. It protects us from exterior sources, and if we take good care of it, it’ll be in great condition for years. Getting CertainTeed siding products for your home is similar to investing in an experienced dermatologist for your skin… or something along those lines.

To get to the point, CertainTeed is a trusted siding manufacturer leading the industry in siding texture and color selections. It’s a top-rated brand in the nation for vinyl and polymer siding solutions, thanks to its long-lasting and innovative product lines.

When you choose CertainTeed siding products for your home, you can reap a few of the many benefits we’ve listed below:

  • Highlights to the architectural structure of your home
  • Siding that is rot, peel and fade-resistant
  • The industry’s largest color palette available
  • Custom design tools so you can find the perfect style match for your home
  • Protection from unpredictable, inclement weather conditions
  • And more!

At Cousins Restoration, we only want what’s best for our Schenectady clients. We’ll provide you with affordable, beautiful siding products from CertainTeed so your home will have improved curb appeal and increased property value.

Not sure if CertainTeed products are right for your desired siding goals and budget? Feel free to reach out to our team for more information about products from this brand. Our mission is to find you siding solutions that work best for you.


Whether you’re wanting to replace your current siding or you’re completely starting from scratch on a new construction project, we’re sure CertainTeed will make for a great siding solution.

If you’re looking to schedule a siding service or any other type of residential roofing service in Schenectady or surrounding areas, contact us today.

Learn more about CertainTeed’s vinyl siding products’ warranties here.